Our Story

Over a decade ago VWell Founder Edward Vilga’s began his mission of bringing Wellness into the Workplace.

Having already taught tens of thousands of individuals in group classes, he realized that something was wrong with the system.

Even with the best intentions, showing up for a daytime workout was challenging.

Travel time and changing outfits, possibly even showering afterward, made a one hour class impossible to schedule.

Trying to squeeze in a few classes a month just didn’t produce significant health benefits, especially when it came to reducing stress.

Instead, it was far more effective to incorporate a few minutes every day, weaving wellness into one’s work routine.

Thus, Edward began teaching corporate clients simple stretches that could be done by virtually anyone, creating routines which did not require clothing changes or special equipment.

In fact, many could even be done while still seated at one’s desk.

Best of all, whereas an hour-long class seemed unmanageable, anyone could find the time for one of these 5-15 minute Wellness Breaks.

Wanting to share this exciting wellness innovation, in 2006 Edward actually wrote a book sharing many of these simple stretches and breathing practices designed the office, YOGA FOR SUITS.

Since then, his work of bringing accessible stretching and stress-reduction techniques has gotten him featured in People and Oprah’s Magazine as well as on TV such as Live! With Kelly Ripa and CBS’ Early Show.

Translating these concepts to the digital world was inevitable during Covid-19 pandemic. Edward began sharing yoga and meditation online in donation-based classes and also in high-end corporate workshops.

VWell was formed in October 2020 when Saerome Bae came on board as CEO and Co-Founder.

Saerome is a serial entrepreneur in several industries including fuel addictive, food and beverage, import/ export, fashion, and finetech. She is a finance/operations professional, investor, and compassionate capitalist.

Along with launching Digital Wellness Breaks as well as VWell's other workshops and trainings, Saerome saw the need in the Wellness space for an On Demand marketplace for private instruction and spearheaded our current beta testing.

Together, Edward and Saerome are passionate about creating digital solutions to revolutionize the way we embrace Wellness in all aspects of our lives.

Industry Thought Leader Edward Vilga's Journey
Towards VWell